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Tips for Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

Shopping can be one of the most exciting but also the most stressful parts of the holidays, especially when you’re on a budget or have multiple people on your list. Black Friday, or the day right after Thanksgiving, is traditionally the day most retailers offer their biggest sales, which is why many people wait all year to do their shopping on Black Friday.

Whether you’re planning on braving the stores on Black Friday or planning to shop online, you need to make sure you’re prepared and organized to be able to take advantage of some of the best sales. Here are five tips to help your holiday shopping season run smoothly.


70 List Ideas to Help You Organize Your Life

Whether you like to write your lists down on a piece of paper, create list using an app on your phone, or prefer to keep all your lists in your head… chances are that you have created a list of *something* at some point in your life. Children are taught even at a young age to create lists – homework, to-dos, etc. And even if you don’t love making lists, I think everyone can appreciate that lists serve a vital role in helping us all survive today’s busy world.

To help everyone get a jump start on organizing their life, I decided to create a few lists – of lists – that can help everyone organize their home (and life). Hope these help you stay organized!


New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized!

You are not alone! A quick search on the internet will show you that “Get Organized” is one of the more common New Year’s Resolutions. And even if becoming more organized is not one of your top resolutions for 2022, making your life a little less stressful by organizing will help you achieve any resolution (or goal) you have selected.


How a Daily Schedule Can Benefit Your Family

Successful, daily family life is often measured by how efficient your family routine is (i.e., how well your family can follow a daily schedule and function together as a unit). Getting everyone on the same page is a must to ensure a smooth-sailing ship, especially if young children are involved. Planning a routine can be simple or complex depending on your family. Try to do the best you can with tending to everyone’s individual needs and expectations. We get it; everyone has a crazy individual schedule, but at the end of the day, routine wins over disorder. Read below to learn why a daily schedule is so important for you and your family. Maybe even grab the family to read along with you.


Back-to-School Shopping with a Procrastinator

Our Master Procrastinator and #ChaosCoordinator provides a few tips on how to tackle the last-minute back-to-school shopping chaos, including a list of super-fun supplies you might want to check out.


3 Tips for Sharing Responsibilities at Home

It’s no secret that sharing household responsibilities makes for a happier marriage and home. A study in 2007 showed that 62% of people who were married ranked sharing household chores as “very important” to them. When compared with historical data, that category had the highest percentage point increase, having gone up 15% from 47% where it was back in 1990. Additionally, sharing household responsibilities with kids is predictive of success later on in life as it imparts a sense of duty in other aspects of life.


Keeping Your Family Connected and in Sync

When describing your perfect lifestyle, the description would lack any inclusion of stress. While everyone wants to accomplish a lot, we are constantly constrained by the limited time we have and our busy schedules.

Here are a few simple ideas to save time, accomplish more, and be more connected as a family.


Time Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

No matter where you live, most people can agree that grocery shopping is a time
consuming task. It typically requires meal planning beforehand for yourself and your
family, and keeping track of your grocery stock at home, so you can plan what you need
to buy.


Taking The Stress Out Of Vacation Planning

Traveling is one of the most fun and exciting ways to unwind from your routine and spend quality time with your loved ones. But, not every one of us is blessed with the insight and patience that is required to plan and pack for a happy and relaxing holiday.


Product News: Import Events into Sortifyd

Families can now add events to Sortifyd from their existing calendars thanks to our new import feature.

This feature gives you the ability to thoughtfully organize your family’s schedule by adding events from your various existing calendars into Sortifyd. Instead of having to share your entire calendar with your family (or have multiple calendars shared with you), this important feature allows you to import and share only the events you choose. Also, whether one person in your family uses an Android device, and another uses an iPhone, you now have a way to keep everyone in sync by importing the relevant events into your Sortifyd shared family calendar.