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A plan for every home

One One
Family Family
Military grade encryption (AES 256-bit)
Multi-factor authentication
Secure and convenient Touch/Face ID login
Access to intuitive, pre-defined folders across all nine boxes
Calendar with import
Lists with ability to assign tasks
Ability to add subitems and subtasks
List templates
Quick-fill using voice, pre-populated options, location search
Comprehensive search across nine boxes, calendar, and lists
Notifications – reminders and alerts
Ability to push files into Sortifyd from emails/photo gallery
Message board
Secure, multi-user collaboration and sharing 2 users 7 users
Ability to add records for non-users (ex. dependents, pets) 2 non-users 3 non-users 5 non-users
Rich text editor for journal
Recipe finder and organizer*
Meal planner*
DIY Projects and Hobbies*
Document scanner
Habit tracker*
Ability to track modifications to records
Customizable user permissions
Ability to make records private
* Available on iOS only. Android version coming soon.
Secure backup and storage
Cloud backup of records
Devices with cloud sync 1 device 1 device 2 devices 7 devices
File storage 25 MB 1 GB 2.5 GB 5 GB
Customer support by email
Monthly subscription FREE US $2.99 US $5.99 US $7.49
Annual subscription (Save over 30%) FREE US $24.99 US $49.99 US $59.99
With Ads Ad Free Ad Free Ad Free
Paid plans available as in-app purchases.
US prices shown. Prices may vary by region.

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