Time Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

No matter where you live, most people can agree that grocery shopping is a time consuming task. It typically requires meal planning beforehand for yourself and your family, and keeping track of your grocery stock at home, so you can plan what you need to buy. And if you have a large family (or are buying groceries for extended family members), meal planning and grocery shopping can take a significant amount of your time each week. Fortunately, Sortifyd makes it easier for you to be organized and save time grocery shopping, no matter how many people you need to buy groceries for.

Share the Workload

One way to save time when planning a grocery list is to distribute the workload with meal planning. We suggest assigning a task in Sortifyd to each family member to have them plan one meal per week. Make planning meals a fun and engaging process instead of a chore. You can also create a recurring meal plan in Sortifyd, to help make meal planning easy! Just create a list of your favorite meals, add a ‘due’ date, and set the date to recur every week or even every month!

By distributing the workload a little bit, it’ll make your shopping (and planning) experience much more manageable and will save you a lot of time!

Shop the Bulk Section

By planning ahead and buying your groceries in bulk, you can lead a more sortifyd and hassle-free life at a lower cost. Not only will you save time when shopping with fewer trips to the grocery store by buying in bulk, you’ll also save money!

Create Lists To Save Time Grocery Shopping

Shopping with a list is the most efficient way to shop for groceries. Just walk into the store and start checking items off your list. This will keep you from forgetting what you need and prevent you from buying what you don’t!

By using the list templates in Sortifyd, you will get a jump start on your grocery list! With Sortifyd, you can also uncheck items in a completed list as you run out of them at home (or even uncheck them all with a single tap), giving you an easy way to make a list once and recycle it very quickly. Remember to also invite your family to Sortifyd, to make sure that everyone can include their needs to your grocery list!


Grocery shopping is a part of life, but it needn’t be a frustrating or time-consuming experience. Sortifyd can save your family time when grocery shopping with our unique set of organization features designed for small and large households. Shared lists, the ability to organize recipes, assigning to-dos, and attaching coupons/photos to items all make the grocery shopping experience much quicker and less stressful. Let’s make grocery shopping sortifyd!

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