Bobbi Ebbing


Prepping for Thanksgiving with Sortifyd

I love cooking for my family, but more-often-than-not, I don’t have the time I want to devote to cooking a big meal. This is why I often go a ‘little’ overboard on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthday meals. However, in the usual 2020-style, our oven decided to die last week… and due to the pandemic, it will not be repaired until December.

After realizing that I will be without an oven this Thanksgiving, I enlisted my 14-year-old (who is an amazing chef and going to help cook 90% of the meal) to help me find recipes that we can make with the equipment we have – an InstantPot, a Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fryer/Grill, an InstantPot Omni Plus, and our trusty old Crockpot! Below you will find our menu with links to the recipes we are making, the grocery list, and our cooking schedule (which is spread out over 3 days).


70 List Ideas to Help You Organize Your Life

Whether you like to write your lists down on a piece of paper, create list using an app on your phone, or prefer to keep all your lists in your head… chances are that you have created a list of *something* at some point in your life. Children are taught even at a young age to create lists – homework, to-dos, etc. And even if you don’t love making lists, I think everyone can appreciate that lists serve a vital role in helping us all survive today’s busy world.

To help everyone get a jump start on organizing their life, I decided to create a few lists – of lists – that can help everyone organize their home (and life). Hope these help you stay organized!


Using Sortifyd to Manage the Care of a Loved One

If you are one of the estimated 63 million caregivers in the world, then you are familiar with the stress and chaos that is involved with trying to manage the care of a loved one.
As a caregiver for my older sister, I fall into this category. Fortunately, I live for anything related to organizing, and thanks to that trait, I thought other caregivers would find a blog post helpful on how you can more easily manage the care of your loved one by using Sortifyd.


How a Daily Schedule Can Benefit Your Family

Successful, daily family life is often measured by how efficient your family routine is (i.e., how well your family can follow a daily schedule and function together as a unit). Getting everyone on the same page is a must to ensure a smooth-sailing ship, especially if young children are involved. Planning a routine can be simple or complex depending on your family. Try to do the best you can with tending to everyone’s individual needs and expectations. We get it; everyone has a crazy individual schedule, but at the end of the day, routine wins over disorder. Read below to learn why a daily schedule is so important for you and your family. Maybe even grab the family to read along with you.


How To Organize Your Home and De-Stress Your Life

A disorganized home not only increases stress levels, but clutter can also affect our anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus. Because our physical environment influences cognition, emotions, and behaviors, when our space is messy we become less productive which can trigger other damaging behaviors such as overeating and reduction in physical activity.


5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids While Staying Home

There are many activities you can do with your family to help break up the monotony of being indoors, yet still adhere to the social distancing recommendations. Below we have listed 5 creative and fun ideas that you can try with your family today!


Save Time By Using an App to Get Organized

Getting organized is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your adult life. It’s hard enough when you’re single, but when you add a partner, some kids, and a few furry friends, everything gets that much worse!

However, getting – and staying – organized doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are five ways you can get your life in order right now.


Tips on Working from Home… with Your Family at Home

In recent years the concept of working from home has skyrocketed in popularity. Many companies now offer purely