About Sortifyd

Our Mission, Our Story, Founder

Our Mission

To help everyone live a more sortifyd life,
feeling more in control, secure, and organized, so we have the time and capacity to focus on the things that really matter.

Our Story

Sortifyd was born of a personal need. Like many families, we had a natural division of responsibilities that worked well for us… for the most part. One of us would take care of the family calendar, our son’s school activities, travel reservations, etc., while the other was in charge of documents, finances, accounts and bill payments, etc.

While this system somewhat ‘worked,’ we often found ourselves missing activities because our calendars weren’t synced, searching for important account information during stressful moments, constantly texting each other to ask for usernames/passwords and phone numbers, or completely forgetting to-do tasks since we didn’t share a to-do list.

Being able to readily access all the information we needed and exactly when we needed it, was always a challenge – and not all our current organization methods and tools seemed secure. Stories of the loss of a spouse with young families, and those whose homes had near-misses with disasters such as floods or fires, made us wonder how prepared and in sync we were to handle such a situation. Speaking with our family and friends, we realized that we weren’t the only ones who felt our lives were disorganized and rarely in sync.

Like most families, we had an organization and communication system that wasn’t exactly efficient or in sync with our lives:

Our refrigerator was our messy, family hub… which meant invites, notes, grocery lists, etc. were always getting buried or lost.

We had calendars in multiple formats and events were either on our refrigerator or mobile phones, but they were never synced.

Piles of paper documents around the house that we intended to scan (or file)… one of these days. And if they were scanned, they would either be stored in one of our emails or in the cloud, but we couldn’t always remember where the document was when we needed it.

To-do lists stored on separate phones/devices or on various sticky notes on the fridge or in the office… that were never completed and we didn’t have the capability to share them or conveniently assign a task to another person.

Passwords were stored in individual apps, on sticky notes in our wallets, or in our own heads… so trying to recall or share them when needed always caused someone stress or irritation.

Feeling the pain of these chaotic and ad-hoc organizational methods, we decided that there had to be a better and more efficient way to manage our family’s life. This led to the creation of Sortifyd…an app that helps you live a more organized, simplified, and sortifyd (our way of saying all-sorted) life.

I am excited to bring Sortifyd to you and invite you and your family to download and experience it. My family and I know that you will soon discover what we did with the help of our app – it’s easier to relax when you’re sortifyd.


Manish Goel
Founder and CEO


Manish Goel is an impact-driven business leader with over 20 years of corporate and management consulting experience across global markets, having worked with McKinsey & Company, Applied Materials, and Cummins. Manish is passionate about solving business problems and has a rich mix of experience across a variety of industries, encompassing functions ranging from strategy, product management, and marketing to new business incubation. Manish holds an MS and PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.