Keeping Your Family Connected and in Sync

When describing your perfect lifestyle, the description would lack any inclusion of stress. While everyone wants to accomplish a lot, we are constantly constrained by the limited time we have and our busy schedules.

Here are a few simple ideas to save time, accomplish more, and be more connected as a family.

Step 1: Create a unified family calendar that keeps everyone in sync

By creating a family calendar, everyone will know where and when they need to be for any event added to the calendar. While most families keep their family events listed on a paper calendar at home, this is not a convenient solution for when you’re not home. If you utilize a digital calendar or scheduling app with your family, you no longer have to worry about remembering what was written on the calendar on your fridge door or pin-up board. And if the app has a feature that allows you to assign an event to a family member, everyone will be on the same page for each event that you have scheduled. By taking advantage of all the features a family calendar provides, you can reduce your stress as you no longer have to constantly remind your family of an upcoming event or playing secretary for everyone.

Step 2: Use shared lists

With a list-making app that allows sharing, you can have a designated spot to collaborate with your family on upcoming vacation ideas, a bucket list, or even your grocery list. It becomes an information hub for all things related to your family and helps you better organize and keep everyone in sync… Not to mention it would reduce the number of texts and phone calls just to plan a simple trip to the grocery store to make sure you have everything that is needed.

Step 3: Build an information hub for all your important documents and passwords

Imagine always knowing where all your important paperwork, passwords, and even receipts are kept. By utilizing a family information hub, this dream can be possible. No more searching or texting to see who has the password to Netflix, and no more digging through papers to find a receipt to return something. While a paper method might be how people typically organize such information, it’s not practical as someone would need to be near the files anytime someone needs that information. If you use a digital solution or app, you can have all this information at the tip of your fingers. With apps that allow sharing these files and passwords with specific members of your family, your life becomes even easier – as your family members can retrieve the information without someone having to send it. Not only can an app like this help you reduce your stress daily, but it can also provide you with stress reduction during an emergency such as a car accident or a trip to the emergency room. Consider an app that will allow you to even upload and share important documents such as insurance policies and/or medical records, so everyone in the family (who needs this information) has access to it on the go.


If you are struggling to keep your family in sync and connected, you must try Sortifyd. Sortifyd is a solution that provides all three of these tools and many more. Sortifyd was built by families, for families, to help them better organize their lives and stay in sync.


This post was originally published on May 28, 2020, and updated on April 6, 2022.

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