Taking The Stress Out Of Vacation Planning

Traveling is one of the most fun and exciting ways to unwind from your routine and spend quality time with your loved ones. But, not every one of us is blessed with the insight and patience that is required to plan and pack for a happy and relaxing holiday.

Everyone loves the idea of a vacation… but, most people actually find it quite unnerving when it comes to planning their vacation. So, what’s the solution?

The ultimate idea behind getting the stress out of vacation planning and traveling is to get as organized with your planning as you can get. Without a proper plan, your vacation is quite likely to cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. Planning your vacation can seem like a lot of work, but traveling is much easier and hassle-free when you have a plan in hand, especially if you use an app like Sortifyd. Here’s how Sortifyd can help your vacation planning go smoothly:

  • Create any list you need, such as:
    • To-dos (where you can assign tasks to your family)
    • Packing (you can even use Sortifyd’s packing list templates to quickly get started packing)
    • Places to visit (add coupons, photos, links, and notes)
    • Groceries
  • Save your family’s travel rewards cards to make booking car rental, flights, and hotel easier
  • Create and share an itinerary with your family
  • Discuss things to do with your family
  • Use the calendar and lists to plan meals for your trip, especially if you are traveling with kids and elders in the family
  • Share emergency contacts
  • Save your family’s medications (including photos of pill bottles, in case you lose them) and allergies (in case you or your family need the to share them in an emergency)
  • Save digital copies of important documents (insurance, passports, rental home agreements, etc.)

There is no doubt that planning your vacation beforehand gives you better control of your situation. With proper and meticulous planning, you can focus on your priorities and have an extremely relaxing (and enjoyable) experience with your loved ones.

On the other hand, lack of planning during a vacation gives rise to unnecessary stress and anxiety. You not only waste your energy, but also waste time that you could have put to better use.

So, wait no more and leave all your stress behind by planning your next trip to the beach (or the mountains) by using Sortifyd! With good preparation and organization, you can go on to spend quality time with your loved ones without anything else to worry about.


Sortifyd is a secure app that can help organize and plan your vacation (and life). From creating a packing checklist, to creating an itinerary or coordinating plans with your family; the entire process of vacation planning can flow smoothly just with the help of a carefully documented checklist on Sortifyd!

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