Introducing Sortifyd

A simpler way to organize your life

Sortifyd is an easy-to-use life organizer and communication tool that will allow you to organize your family’s schedule, important paperwork, records, passwords, create lists, and even assign to-dos to your family!

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Developed with families in mind

Making it easier and safer for you to keep in sync

A place for everything

Organize all your important account information and records with folders, lists, and tags
Maintain a family calendar and add everyone’s schedule
Create any type of list (grocery, movies to watch, etc.) and assign items to family members

A simple and intuitive interface

Click, tag, and save pictures of your documents and records
Add details easily using voice entry and pre-populated options
Quickly find whatever you are looking for using simple keyword search

Real-time backup and ample storage

Feel safe knowing that all your records and files are securely backed up on the cloud
Track changes to all records
Upgrade your plan and storage as your needs grow

Secure collaboration and sharing

Customize user access to grant family members access to only the information they need
Make certain records private, so only you have access
Communicate with your family through a private message board

Best-in-class security

Your data is fully encrypted using military standards and decrypted only on your authorized devices
Only you and the people you give access to have the master key to read your information
Touch/Face ID allows secure and convenient access to the app

A place for everything

Organize thoughtfully, search quickly

Home & Money

Financial accounts, property, auto and asset records, insurance policies, tax records, utility accounts


Loyalty programs, passports, visas, travel plans, travel booking accounts


Shared contacts — relatives, friends, service providers,
birthdays, anniversaries; social network accounts

Education & Work

Academic and employment history, diplomas, certificates, transcripts, resumes, online education and alumni accounts


Drivers licenses, Social Security cards, tax IDs, birth certificates, marriage records, email accounts


Favorite websites, club memberships, loyalty programs, interesting articles, recipes, online accounts


Health records — IDs, history, service providers, medications, allergies, eyeglass prescriptions, vital numbers, checkups, online accounts

Memories & Journal

Memory timeline — selected photos, letters, memorable quotes, service accounts; Journal — daily diary, ad hoc notes; online accounts


Loyalty programs, receipts, coupons, clothing and shoe sizes, online shopping accounts




Message Board


Experience Sortifyd

A simple and intuitive interface


Our Smart View provides you with an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard to help you easily organize your day.
It displays your daily tasks and events, allows you to save and share your memories of the day, and see what lists and records have been updated. You can also quickly add any type of list (groceries, chores, books to read), photos, to-dos, and documents!
Please note that the Sortifyd Smart View is only available on iOS at this time. This feature will be available to our Android users within a few weeks.


Create shared lists that can be edited on the go and even assign tasks.
Check off items as you shop and get instant updates if someone adds something to the list, saving you multiple trips to the store. Don’t forget things to pack for your vacation, repairs you need done at home, or movies you’ve been meaning to watch.

Memory Timeline

Your Memory Timeline allows you to easily save and share all your important photos and journal entries.
And by adding family members or other users to your Sortifyd account, everyone can add in their photos to existing memories or add their own memories… so you have a complete record of your family’s vacations, celebrations, etc.


The shared calendar is a quick way to know what everyone in the family is up to and where you need to be.
No more missing out on family events because it was not on your calendar. Now anyone can add or edit an event on the go and everyone will get the update at the same time.


Our original dashboard allows easy access to the various features of Sortifyd.
Simply select a box to thoughtfully organize your documents, passwords, pictures, and notes, and access your shared calendar, lists, and message board, all from one screen.


The pre-defined folders in each of the nine boxes combine flexibility with structure. They are a subtle guide to the way you enter your information and help you organize thoughtfully.
Use Sortifyd to ensure that you won’t be caught without your insurance details when you’re away from home, or your bank account details when you need to make that urgent transfer.

Click, Tag, and Save

The easiest way to get started — simply click, tag, and save pictures anything you need to file or remember.
Whether it is a document, a memorable note from your daughter, or that long wi-fi password on the back of your router. Just save them as pictures, adding tags so you can find them later.

Family / Users

With the Family Plus plan, you can add the whole family to Sortifyd!
You can assign tasks (or chores), communicate on your private message board, share records with your spouse, or share your internet password with the whole family. Goodbye are the days of trying to find out who has what file or password. With Family Plus, the whole family will be in sync!


Customize user access to grant family members access to only the information they need.
Need to share a certain box only with your spouse, but not the whole family? No problem! With user access, the master account holder can pick and choose who has access to what category.
Want to keep your holiday shopping list a secret? No problem! Make certain records and lists private, so only you have access.


Access all your information quickly.
Type in a keyword and the comprehensive search will pull out all your relevant pictures, records, calendar events, and lists, all at the same time. You no longer have to go digging around trying to guess where you placed something.


Stay ahead of the game with event notifications and alerts for expiring documents.
Don’t be surprised with an expired passport when you’re ready to book your vacation, forget a birthday of a loved one, or miss getting your annual health checkups scheduled in time.


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