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The Super App for Families™

Sortifyd is an easy-to-use life organizer and communication tool that will allow you to organize your family’s schedule, important paperwork, records, passwords, create lists, and even assign to-dos to your family!

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Developed with families in mind

Make lists and assign tasks

Manage your family calendar

Be prepared for emergencies

Save receipts and paperwork

Treasure your memories

Easily find whatever you need

Keep control of who has access

Never miss important dates

A place for everything

Organize thoughtfully, search quickly

Home & Money

Financial accounts, property, auto and asset records, insurance policies, tax records, utility accounts


Loyalty programs, passports, visas, travel plans, travel booking accounts


Shared contacts — relatives, friends, service providers,
birthdays, anniversaries; social network accounts

Education & Work

Academic and employment history, diplomas, certificates, transcripts, resumes, online education and alumni accounts


Drivers licenses, Social Security cards, tax IDs, birth certificates, marriage records, email accounts


Favorite websites, club memberships, loyalty programs, interesting articles, recipes, online accounts


Health records — IDs, history, service providers, medications, allergies, eyeglass prescriptions, vital numbers, checkups, online accounts

Memories & Journal

Memory timeline — selected photos, letters, memorable quotes, service accounts; Journal — daily diary, ad hoc notes; online accounts


Loyalty programs, receipts, coupons, clothing and shoe sizes, online shopping accounts


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