A place for everything

  • Organize all your important account information and records in one place
  • Store records for everyone at home, including minors and pets
  • Compile a shared address book
  • Create any type of list
  • Organize your important memories
  • Get event notifications and alerts for expiring documents

A simple and intuitive interface

  • Click, tag, and file pictures of your documents and records
  • Use voice entry and pre-populated pickers to enter your information
  • Quickly find whatever you are looking for using keyword search

Real-time backup and ample storage

  • All your records and files are securely backed up on the cloud
  • Conveniently and securely access your information on any device
  • Upgrade your cloud storage as your needs grow

Secure collaboration and sharing

  • Grant secure access to others at home and stay in sync
  • Customize user permissions by box
  • Make certain records private so only you can see them
  • Track changes to records — who, when

Best-in-class security

  • All your data is encrypted and decrypted on your device — only you have the master key to read it
  • Your data is encrypted using military-grade encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication further enhances your security
  • Touch ID allows secure and convenient access to the app