Preparing for College With Sortifyd

Almost everyone I speak with about their time at college never stops talking about how those years were the freest and fun years of their lives. With barely a month to go before I begin college, I’ve been increasingly thinking about the multitude of things that I need to accomplish before I start. For instance, I need to take my second dose of the vaccine 10 days before I reach campus, visit my relatives and friends before leaving the city, buy the necessary clothes for a cooler climate, books for my classes, and the list goes on.

Because of all the things I needed to do, I was worried that I might miss at least one of these tasks if I didn’t create a to-do list. As it turns out, my parents were also worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep track of everything that needed to be done. In fact, they felt that they were already using an app that could help me get organized and prepared for college… Sortifyd. Not only could I track my to dos, but my parents could also add records and documents that I might need to our shared account to make life easier while I’m away from home.

The first thing that drew me towards using Sortifyd was the comprehensiveness of the app. My parents can add my medical insurance card, I can save my class schedule, create a packing list or my “get ready for college” to do list, and even my immunization records. I can even set up reminders such as, ‘place orders for books’, ‘book my vaccination slot’, etc., to help me stay on top of all my tasks.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start using Sortifyd earlier. It would’ve helped immensely with my numerous college applications, as there is a space specifically for ‘education and work,’ where most of my current documents which make up my CV are now stored. I can essentially access all my certificates and transcripts from my previous school years if ever required. The ‘memories and journal’ section is an awesome way to share our treasured family pictures, my drawings, and dance poses from the time I was two feet tall. I already know what I’m going to do if I ever feel homesick. I’m going to be looking at old family photos while also adding and sharing the new memories I create while in college.

For me, Sortifyd is now indispensable. I’ll surely be using it more when I’m in college for the never-ending list of deadlines that Sortifyd will keep reminding me of. I hope to use it as a safe, as well as a virtual assistant, one that I’m sure will not procrastinate and help me become a bit more disciplined.


This post was originally published on July 30, 2021, and updated on Aug 18, 2022.

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