How Becoming Organized in College Changed My Life

As many college students can attest, being unorganized in college can make your life extremely stressful. As I arrived at a prestigious college with the dream of becoming an accountant, I learned this the hard way very early in my freshman year.

I had tons of motivation to thrive in my classes, so I promised myself that I would complete every assignment as early as possible so that I could be on top of everything. My very first semester, I found out how difficult this would be. For example, I was taking a class about ancient history in the Middle East, which I found incredibly dull; however, it was a requirement for general education, and I was determined to ace it. Three weeks into my class experience, I completely spaced-out in the first exam, and the highest grade I could get was a B-. I dropped the class the next day.


What I Did
There was no way I could continue with that track record my whole college career and I realized it was time to get serious. I started planning out every aspect of my life; from schoolwork to working out, I knew what I would be doing each day.

Each evening, I would plan my next day hour by hour. I would check and plan any assignments I had due as well as the classes I had coming up, and then schedule the time to complete each assignment. I also wrote down what time I would work out, wake up and go to sleep, and even what time I would eat each day. Each week, I would also take an hour to do a weekly planning session, where I went over my goals for the week and what I needed to accomplish. While that might sound like overkill for some, planning my life out brought some incredible changes.


How My Life Improved
I have always experienced extreme anxiety when it comes to school and assignments in general. When I started planning each day, I overcame a large portion of this anxiety because I would check off each assignment once I completed it. I could always see what I had completed and what was pending, just by reviewing my schedule and task list in my planner.


There is a lot that I learned from planning each day and continued to become more disciplined. If I could go back and do it again, I would use a digital planner like Sortifyd to better organize myself. Using paper worked for me, but I bought a new notebook every month and I often didn’t carry it with me. So having an organized, sleek app available for my lists and plans would have been life-changing.

Take it from me, planning will help you change your life. Life is so much better when you’re organized and hitting your goals.


On April 28, 2021, the NineBx app was rebranded as Sortifyd. This blog post was created before the rebranding and may contain screenshots and/or content that refer to our previous branding.

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