Resolving to Eat Healthier in the New Year

Many individuals choose the start of a new year to begin to eat healthier. Whether they are trying to lose weight, or they just want to cut down on processed foods, eating healthier can provide many benefits to a person’s body. For some, this choice can be as simple as adding more vegetables or fruits to their diets, but for others it may mean a complete overhaul of their diet. Whatever the situation, we scoured blogs written by registered dieticians, nutritionists, and food bloggers to share our five top tips on how to eat healthier. We have also included some of their healthy, easy-to-make recipes! Enjoy!

Health Tips and Hacks:

1. Choose a diet that works for you, not other people. According to Lisa Bryan “There is no one size fits all when it comes to diet, health and wellness.”

2. Meal prep healthy snacks! Cara from Street Smart Nutrition shares, “Most Americans don’t eat the recommended servings of fruits & vegetables every day, so this is one easy way to #HaveAPlant.”

3. When eating out, box up half of your food before eating. “Restaurant portions are usually 2-3 times what you actually need,” states registered dietitian Marisa Moore.

4. Focus on whole foods. Jessical Sepel shares, “Eating healthily doesn’t have to be super difficult! Simply focus on eating a diet rich in a diverse range of whole foods!”

5. Don’t skip meals! According to Sally from The Fit Foodie, “If you are hungry, you are likely to seek out the quickest and most available option, rather than the healthier option.”


While becoming healthier may feel like a challenge at times, it doesn’t have to be difficult. To help you along your journey to leading a healthier life, consider using a life organizer app like Sortifyd. With Sortifyd you can easily plan your meals in advance, save your favorite recipes, and even set reminders such as “Take a 5 minute walk” or “Get a drink of water.” Ready to get started? Download Sortifyd for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store and make your plan to start living a healthier lifestyle!

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